Yoga Anatomy Workshop with Stu Girling @ Yogamelange, Vienna [vom 5. bis 6. Mai]

Yoga Anatomy Workshop with Stu Girling

5. - 6.
10:00 - 18:30

Thaliastrasse 2, Top 11-12, 1160 Wien
Stu Girling, einer der besten Anatomie Lehrer weltweit, kommt wieder nach Wien. Im Rahmen eines Wochenend-Workshops bietet Stu einen lebendigen und praxisorientierten Einblick in anatomische Zusammenhänge während der Yogapraxis. Dabei verwendet er verschiedene Anschauungsmaterialien, Demonstrationen und Gruppenübungen, die Anatomie anschaulich, spannend und greifbar machen. Dieser Workshop ist für alle Levels geeignet und richtet sich an Yogis und Yogalehrer aller Stile.



10:00-12:30 BREATH WORKSHOP: In this workshop we will start by exploring the mechanics of breathing, looking at both the internal workings and the visible external shape changes to the ribcage and belly. From there we can easily then apply those concepts to asana. We will also consider how breath influences the nervous and circulatory systems, the effects of manipulating the breath when doing various pranayama practices and play with the various options when linking movement and breath.

14:30-17:30 WS UNRAVELLING THE GATEKEEPERS: In Ashtanga Yoga there are particular postures that are often referred to as ‘gatekeepers’ because they frequently halt the progression through the series of even the most enthusiastic and determined student. In this workshop we single out some of the more tricky postures such as Bujipidasana, Marichyasana B & D, Supta Kurmasana and Pasasana as vehicles for understanding how to deconstruct difficult postures into understandable elements that can then be worked on individually or used as the basis for sensible lead in sequencing.


11:00-13:30 WS SPINE & SI JOINT: It is not uncommon for students to feel a degree of discomfort when performing backbends or when embarking on taking on some of the more challenging foot behind head postures. By understanding the construction of the spine and the surrounding muscles it becomes evident as to the types of movements that it is designed to perform in certain areas as well as the potential mechanism of injury. We clarify the common spinal injuries such as herniated and bulging discs as well as discuss the possible causes of SI Joint pain. The groups of postures discussed and explored practically are backbends and twists, and the importance of the integration of movements at other major joints of hips and shoulders will be demonstrated.

15:30-18:30 WS FASCIA AND BIOTENSEGRITY: There is lots of interest in the emerging information about fascia and how it might influence the yoga practice. In this workshop we explore what is meant by fascia, what its purpose is and what use we can make of our growing appreciation of fascia. We also look at a proposed model (biotensegrity) for trying to understand how we might incorporate this knowledge into a more comprehensive explanation of human movement and stability.

55 EUR each Workshop
200 EUR Full Weekend (4 Workshops)

Marija +43 699 171 098 83
E-Mail: [email protected]

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