Free Dance Classes at Latin GALA Party @ Tanzschule Chris, Vienna [13. Januar]

Free Dance Classes at Latin GALA Party

19:45 - 21:00

Tanzschule Chris
Wehlistraße 150, 1020 Wien
Wir laden euch und eure Freunde zu einer von 3 KOSTENLOSEN Tanzunterrichts-Stunden ein*: Wähle zwischen ZOUK / SALSA / BACHATA (Open Level). Alle drei sind für Beginner geeignet und ihr könnt ohne Partner und ohne Vorwissen kommen! Bachata ist für alle Levels geeignet, jeder lernt etwas Neues dazu!!!

We invite you and your friends to one of three FREE dance classes: Choose between ZOUK Beginner / SALSA Open Level / BACHATA Open Level. All of them are suitable for beginners. No partner and no experience required. Bachata & Salsa are suitable for all levels, everyone will learn something new!!!

19:45 – Einlass / Doors open / Portas abertas
20:00 – FREE ZOUK class* / FREE SALSA class* / FREE BACHATA class*
21:00 – PARTY: 5 floors / ~10 DJs
02:30 – END(E)
* im Party-Eintritt inkludiert / included in the party entrance fee

If you already dance Zouk / Salsa / Bachata you can still join the classes and moreover the party:

Tanzschule CHRIS
Wehlistrasse 150 (Corner of Haussteinstrasse)
1020 Vienna

► Gala / Glamour

19:45 FREE* TRIAL CLASSES (you can choose among Zouk, Salsa, Bachata)
21:00 Party on 5 dance floors with about 10 DJs
(5th floor: Ballroom and Tango every hour on the hour for 10-30 min depending on the party guests)
02:30 End
...potentially prolonged in case we have a significant number of «party survivors» ;-)

► 8€ incl. 2€ Cocktail voucher

No own drinks! Without any exception!!!
Participation in the event at your own risk.
No liability for accidents.
No liability of Zouk-Vienna for loss of or damage to any of your belongings.
Any changes (schedule, DJs,...) may be applied at short notice.
By entering the event site the participants grant the permission to be photographed, filmed or recorded. All material and citations may be used for marketing, promotional or other purposes without compensation.
The cocktail vouchers are only valid for cocktails. Only 1 voucher per drink. The discounted Halloween-Cocktail cannot be paid using a voucher. (It already has a discount.)
The trial classes are included in the entrance fee.


Zouk is a new partner dance created during the 90's in Brazil that is growing around the world. The dance is unique in both its sexy full body movements and the followers' graceful, beautiful, and intricate head movements. Besides being originated from lambada, Zouk has many diverse styles and draws influences from many different dances. The music is also diverse, ranging from RNB, Pop, Kizomba, Raggae, Funk, Zouk, Dubstep, Hip hop, Remixes,… Nowadays Brazilian zouk is growing fast, with more than 50 festivals around the 5 continents, and has been gaining more and more followers worldwide in the last 2 decades!
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* * * A B O U T * * *

is Vienna's first and only association (Verein) dedicated specifically to BRAZILIAN ZOUK.
To book classes it is not necessary to pay neither initial, nor regular membership fee apart from the cost for the specific course(s).
We are organizing classes, parties and other events since 2011 and have profound experience in teaching Zouk and organizing dance events.

is international dance instructor and also Vienna's first local Zouk teacher and organizer. He started dancing ballroom at the age of 16, also participating in shows already in his first year. Later he discovered Latin dances such as Salsa, Bachata and others, before he got fascinated by Brazilian ZOUK, which now he has been dancing since 2010 and teaching since 2011. Since 2014 he also dances Samba de Gafieira, which he is also teaching as of 2016.
Guido has learnt from all important Zouk/Gafieira teachers across the globe in Europe and Brazil in group and private classes as well as numerous special teacher trainings in group and private setting, partly in Brazil, where he was also already teaching. The teachers influencing his dance style most significantly are world-famous stars Freddy MARINHO & Andressa CASTELHANO, William TEIXEIRA & Paloma ALVES, Val CLEMENTE & Vanessa BONILHA and Clinton LACERDA & Cristi BOONE. They are all teaching pure or slightly adapted “Zouk-Tradicional”.
A significant increase of the Zouk scene in Vienna happened thanks to Guido's initiative: Starting in 2011 he was the first one to teach weekly classes and to organize weekly socials in Austria as well as regular workshop weekends with famous guest teachers (predominantly from Brazil) in Vienna. He is founder of the yearly events RIO ZOUK (& SAMBA) WEEKEND and MEGA ZOUK & SAMBA WEEKEND and has organized numerous smaller events. Overall he has brought almost all big teachers to Vienna for workshops, festivals and also for longer-term stays.
He is the founder of ZOUK-VIENNA CONNECTION, the first association in Austria specifically dedicated to ZOUK and other Brazilian dances working closely with other Brazilian organizations.
As a former member of the International Zouk Flash Mob Management Team (IZFM MT) he also worked to serve the Zouk scene worldwide for several years. Recently he also started creating Zouk remixes as «DJ Guido Zoukeiro» and playing on various international events.
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