¶ Ritual ¶ Dilen Tigreblu & Alessandro Cripsta @ Improper Walls, Vienna [vom 4. bis 7. Juli]

¶ Ritual ¶ Dilen Tigreblu & Alessandro Cripsta

4. - 7.
19:00 - 22:00

Improper Walls
Reindorfgasse 42, 1150 Wien
Improper Walls presents:

Dilen Tigreblu & Cripsta

An ephemeral 4-days painting ritual and exhibition of prints.


4th July — 1st Ritual / Vernissage 7 pm
5th July — 2nd Ritual / 2-8 pm
6th July — 3rd Ritual / 2-8 pm
7th July — 4th Ritual / 2-8 pm / Party 8pm

Exhibition Duration: 8th — 26th July
Finissage: 26th July / 7 pm


Artists' statement:

The concept on which we would like to shape our collaboration is the Ritual.
A ritual is a sequence of acts performed following codified steps, it has always been a tool to maintain the identity of a specific community.
Ritual is the mystical place where humans reach the Cosmos through specific tools and set sequences. Myths, numerology, mysticism, symbology, and beliefs: these are all aspects that strengthen and complete the procedure of ritual, adding deeper
layers of reading.
Four are the recurrent ritualistic models:
initiation (birth),
rite of passage (puberty),
propitiatory rites (war),
and funeral (death).
Through our research, we would like to highlight how similarly humans have always tried to connect with the Cosmos, even though they used different ways and acts to do so.


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