As Far As I Can Go - radical movements, Dopust Vienna 2017 @ Galerie Michaela Stock, Vienna [vom 29. Juni bis 1. Juli]

As Far As I Can Go - radical movements, Dopust Vienna 2017

- 1.
16:00 - 22:00

Galerie Michaela Stock
Schleifmühlgasse 18, 1040 Wien
AS FAR AS I CAN GO — radical movements
Vlasta Delimar, Gentle Women Group (Aleksandra Artamonova, Evgeniya Lapteva), Siniša Labrović, Marko Marković, Giovanni Morbin, Lala Nomada, Selma Selman, Slaven Tolj, Alexander Viscio


opening: 29.6., 16h

The art project AS FAR AS I CAN GO consists of three parts, a workshop, the performance festival DOPUST / Days of open performance VIENNA 2017 and a thematically matching exhibition focusing on performance.

Performance art keeps making radical claims. It questions the moral boundaries of society and tries to break taboos. The body is very often an important element in this; it becomes an object and is used to work on like a sculpture or canvas. Such performative works do not aim at changing society, but rather at presenting and revealing it. Both the symbolic and the real struggles of the respective artists reach their limits here.

AS FAR AS I CAN GO – radical movement has dedicated itself to exploring these phenomena in depth and comprises performative works of international artists of all ages from different cultural backgrounds.

Divergent positions and borderline situations such as the material, social, disciplined, traumatized and/or sexual body take center stage through artistic expressions like photography, installation, video and live performance. The ethics of catharsis, the aggression repressed by civilization, is brought back to our consciousness and the borderline experiences of the producers themselves navigate those of the recipients. The thin line between personal experience and social situation are thematized in all exhibits and performances. The boundaries between power and powerlessness, between oneself and the other/the opposite, between watching and intervening are sounded out.

In AS FAR AS I AS I CAN GO | radical movements, the body is used as a space for memory and transformation in order to seek out limits and borderline situations. Performance artists like Vlasta Delimar, Lala Nomada and the Gentle Women Group explore in which ways the body is shaped by scientific, cultural and social structures: the producer and the produced are united in the materiality of the body. The story told is a story of resistance, a story of inner conflicts and the fight for power and subjugation.

Autonomous artists pushing the limits, such as Alexander Viscio, Marko Markovic, Giovanni Morbin, Sinisa Labrovic, Selma Selman and Slaven Tolj, do not shy away from radical interventions in their performative works; self-inflicted injuries are part of finding their own limits.
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