Raphan Kebe @ Little Yoga Room, Vienna [19. August]

Raphan Kebe

14:00 - 06:00

Little Yoga Room
Strozzigasse 32-34/2.Stiege/Top4, 1080 Wien
Raphan Kebe (UK)
teaches dance, movement and somatic awareness internationally and in studios and performing arts schools within and around London.
Raphan is currently studying for a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Choreography and enjoys the lessons and meditation found in boxing, dancing and all that is movement and health orientated.


19.August 14:00 -18:00
Khanti Sequence

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This workshop will revolve around the practice of the Khanti Sequence, how it was created, what are the various ways to scale it (make harder/easier), and how could one possibly use it in their self practice (and teachings!) to advance their understanding of Vinyasa.

We will discuss the physiology and biomechanics implied and experiment with the concept of flow as something that can perhaps allow pauses to take place in between movements.

As usual with Space & Flow workshops, the practice shared will aim to promote Yoga, and in particular Vinyasa, as a platform for experimentation, self-discovery and ultimately a path towards self-expression; as such this session is open to all (beginners & experienced practitioners alike) who are willing to test out, make mistakes and smile at the idea of being lost in space.

price: €70.-

20. August 14:00 — 18:00
‘Vinyasa Sequencing & Asanas’ Workshop 3 IN 9

This workshop will revolve around the use of 3 movements/transitions to produce 9 postural relationships (Asanas) which are somehow related, either biomechanically and/or energetically.

Learning strategies and the ability to memorise Vinyasa sequences will be addressed and explored using the S&F ’Vinyasa bedrock concept’. The bedrock concept consists of distinguishing the major structure of a sequence from its minor attributes, and to appreciate (and act upon!) what ‘can go’ and what ‘should stay’.

This workshop is for all ability levels and is aimed at those who are willing to investigate, through serious play, using both bodies and brains.

price: €70.-
Info: littleyogaroom.net/workshops/
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